Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Way To an "A"

Alex has made the Principals Honor Role with a GPA of a 3.6. It was a hard semester and we were looking at a 3.0, but he dug deep and found his way to the A (OK, it turned out to be a "B" that didn't rhyme.)
Alex had a hard semester not because of the work-load or how hard the classes have gotten, but instead because he really doesn't like one of his teachers. It's been a hard lesson to learn, but he has found out that if he tries, and does the work, the teacher gets off of his case. Less interaction with the one he doesn't love!
Along with the 3.6, came an invitation to join the Jr. National Honor Society. He is very excited to send in his application. He knows what an "honor" this is and where it can take him. He has several friends that are a part of the JNHS. Since Alex already knows where he wants to go to school, he also knows he will need Scholarships...GREAT JOB ALEX!
As for Allison, she is still maintaining all A's and B's. She brought her Latin grade up from a B last semester to an A this semester. But all that work on her Latin, brought her reading grade down from an A to a B. Oh well, we just need to learn how to balance it all!

Allison's application for Charter Academy has been handed in and now we just wait until March 23 to find out if she is in or not. Allison was very hesitant to be attending Charter, but she is slowly getting excited. She knows it's an all College Prep course, and she has to wear an uniform; but she also learned that they go on Monthly Field trips, have a week long trip somewhere, and have several clubs she is interested in, including Key Club. We know the smaller school, the dress code and the structure will help Allison succeed.
We are so proud of them both!
The kids are heading down to California on Thursday for a quick visit with their dad. They will be gone from Thursday - Monday. Corey and I are taking advantage of this mini-break and are heading over to the Port Orchard Cabin (Western Washington) for Valentine's Day and to work on my dad's floors. We are so excited to see B's horses; Chance, Independence and the newest Colt (OK that's me, not Corey), for the fresh air, the trees, SEAFOOD, and of course, working on my dad's floors!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Catching up....

Where does the time go? I was sitting in my office, updating my Ironman Blog, making promises that I would keep the family blog up to date. That was almost exactly 2 months ago. Again, where does the time go??? So, here is a brief update on our happenings.


This year the kids were down with Russ (their bio dad) for Thanksgiving, my parents and sister stayed in California and Mooie and Bob went to Seattle...this left Corey and I to celebrate Turkey day alone for the first time. It was really hard on me, but I was amazed on how many people invited us over. We ended up spending dinner with Kelly & Sabina Milbrath. We had decided to spend the evening alone...but with neighbors like that; it wasn't going to happen!

Nicole & I at Coeur d' Alene Lake

Amahl & the Night Visitors

The week following Thanksgiving, Alex starred (yes lead role) in his first Opera; Amahl and the Night Visitors. The production was part of Gonazaga's Music Departments' Christmas program, and they needed a young boy to play the lead role. They had a few 100 children that auditioned and once they heard Alex...they were sold that he was the one. Alex's under-study was a Gonzaga student. He did an amazing job.

His Auntie Nicole flew up to see his performance (and crash the Costco Christmas Party) and she was amazed that Alex could sing like that. He is amazing...but we are keeping that a secret. No need for him to get an ego!

The Snow Storm

The kids got an early Christmas / Winter break thanks to the HUGE snow-storm that came upon us up here in the Northwest. On Dec. 16th we got hit with 10 inches in less than 10 hours. It was incredible. School was cancelled for Thursday and winter break started 2 days early. (They were so sad....)

Kids the night the storm started. (Pay attention to the picnic table in the background!)

Our amazing snow storm has brought us over 110 inches to date (Jan. 3rd). We have killed our December record by 50 inches! We have another storm coming in tonight...and then we are suppose to warm up to the high 30's all next week. (Which means a lot of melting, slush and ice!)

Backyard (picnic table...) 24 hours later.


Ahh...Christmas time! The kids had an amazing Christmas. Again, it was another Haustein first...we were alone. The original plan was that my parents would come up everyother year, and this year would have been their year to come up. BUT, with my Oma having hip replacement surgery (and my mom having to take 3 weeks off for that), my mom then winning her trip to Aruba (and my father having to take unplanned time off for that) and my father planning on retiring in a just didn't work out.

Alli & Mommy being silly in our masks from Bah.

We had a great time as a family. We woke up with a ton of snow on the ground. It was a beautiful white Christmas. The night before Christmas I showed the kids how to turn on the coffee pot and gave explicit instructions that they were not allowed to wake up before 7:30 am. (This came about because of the years that I woke my parents up before 6 am and then Christmas was over by 7 am.)

Once we were up (and my coffee was made) we opened presents for 1 1/2 hours! It was incredible. Corey made us Pancakes with eggs in the middle and then we went out sledding and snow-boarding for the afternoon. It was a wonderful Christmas!

Allison taking on the Mountain!

Allison & Mommy

Corey & Alex getting ready for a snowboard run!

Alex taking a jump on the sled

The kids left to California the next day.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I stated that my mom was a super-star for completing a half marathon and now winning a trip to Aruba for being awarded Customer Service Manager of the year West Region....but who stands behind this incredible woman???
Not only can my dad humbly stand behind my mother and allow her to shine, (while he holds her coat)...the man is a hard working scientist, a "tri-coach", an amazing Papa, and now a Culinary Expert. He is known as the TITANIUM CHEF. Quick as lightning, stronger than steal, lighter than some other people. He is not only the Faith in the 49er Faithful; but a genius with a Steak.
My dad...the Fuel behind an Incredible Woman!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Back into the swing of things...

Since Corey and I have been back from my Ironman (yes 16 hours, 18 minutes...thank you!), we kind of got thrown back into the swing of things! It's been a little like a storm....
Alex is getting ready for his first lead in an Opera. It will be taking place December 4th and 5th. My sister is coming up to watch...unfortunately, my mom is so awesome at her job that she won a trip to Aruba! SURE, win Customer Service Manager of the Year for the Nation and go on an all expense trip to Aruba. What does Aruba have that Idaho in December doesn't??? (Don't answer that!) I am actually very proud of her...and I hope they have a blast.

Allison signed up for 4-H this past week. She will be focusing on Dog Obedience with Kona, Vet Science and how to GPS. She is very excited and can't wait to really dive into her projects. We hope she has found something that she will take on has her own. Her first official meeting is next Tuesday.

Allison also had Choir Program last night. They sang two songs for the Veterans and one song to get us all in the Holiday spirit. They did a great job! This is her last year in Elementary School, so we are really trying to soak it all in. Next year, the programs are not as "cute".
On a final note, it snowed last night! It was brief, but pretty. I woke up about 1:oo am (which is pretty standard for an insomniac like me). It seemed really bright outside, so I grabbed a jacket and the dogs and went out front. Sure enough, there was snow covering the ground! I stayed up for about 30 minutes and enjoyed the solitude of the house and the quiet snow...then back to bed. When I got up at 5:00 (for the day)...the snow was gone. I am sure there will be more!!!

Welcome Back....

Hi All!

Welcome back to the Haustein / Goal Blog site. Now that Ironman is's back to the reality that the world doesn't revolve around me!

What's new in our lives? Well, stay tuned and find out. I have really become use to blogging, so I will attempt to update this site at least weekly, if not more.

I really enjoyed (and saved) all of your thoughts, wishes and congratulations on my Ironman. Please keep the emails and comments coming. It makes me miss home, that much less!


Monday, September 29, 2008

Seriously...two bloggs???

OK...totally forgot about this blog spot until my sister brought it to my attention and mentioned how cute it was! Hmm, I don't think I have enough rambling inside me to maintain two bloggs. SO...for the time being if you want to know what's up in our lives...check out my other blogg at Goalironmanfl.

See you all on the other blogg!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Our New Family Blog

Ok - so this is the first Blog for the Haustein (Goal) Family. I got this idea from my friend Jennifer Guthmiller and seeing how darn cute her kids were, it would give me an opportunity to share my children with all those that are far away!

So, please enjoy and let me know what you think!

Michelle Goal Haustein